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Default Re: Recording rehearsals into PT while going through PA

Originally Posted by Darryl Ramm View Post
OK I like where you are going.

I like MOTU products, Focusrite make decent stuff as well. Some of it tends to be targeted downmarket a bit more. Focusrite have messed up some driver stuff in the past, not directly relevant here and all vendors have problem at times. I have not used either Pre/ADAT/USB box and would suggest you take advice from folks who have.

If You wanted to go with a Focusrite product you might also want to also consider the Clarett OctoPre. Other users here have said good things about the Audient pre/ADAT units in the past.

In this price range I suspect the units may be similar in pre-amp performance, but that's something you want feedback on from folks who have used them.

The MOTU ADAT preamp has two pairs of TOSLINK ports on the rear panel and so will support SMUX for higher sample rates. Not a show stopper but can be a nice flexibility thing to have. And unlike other ADAT units both of these are also a USB interfaces so handy if you want to split them up and use separately. The Focusrite has direct line out from the preamps that can also be a handy thing in situations, but here you don't need it yet... but say if you had ambitions to do more micing of a drum kit you might max out the ADAT input on the Motu 828 and need to free some of those analog inputs from preamps... but you can deal with that later if needed.

The Motu 828 Mk III has DI input options on both of its preamps so that means you don't need to worry about that on the ADAT preamp box... assuming you may record guitar and bass DI (OK the Terror Bass has line level DI Out, so that saves you one DI/preamp... you go straight into a line level input with that *not* a preamp like a usual DI box/you seem to be describing above) the 828 may have better preamps than your ADAT box, so play and see what you want to use say for vocals etc.

Then if you don't have this stuff the next steps will be buying microphone$, microphone and PA cables, mic stands, sound treatments like gobo panels, headphones/IEM if needed etc. If you are moving this stuff to and from a rehearsal space think about getting a mobile 19" rack/shipping rack so you can protect the gear and leave it partially connected.

Thanks Darryl.

Iíll check out the Clarett you mentioned and consider it alongside the others. I called Motu today about the 8 Pre usb unit. I think it will definitely do the job, and the quality of those pres are right in line with the two on my current 828.

Other option is to sell the 828 and get an upgraded audio interface with 8 quality pres already built in, however I donít see that as being necessary at this point.

The Motu 8 Pre is $550 new which is a doable investment for this necessary upgrade. If I sold the 828 and put it towards something with 8 pres built in, im sure Iíd end up spending more than that for something good quality.

So Iím leaning toward the Motu 8 pre usb at the moment, however still considering other options.

Thanks again for your suggestions, I will def keep in mind.

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