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Default Re: Where can i buy a Power Supply for my D-Command ?

Originally Posted by BScout View Post
Sounds like someone's afraid of a solder gun. Or has never fixed a power supply.
The capacitors are the only things that go bad on these power supplies.
And yes, there is practically "a bubble" marking the problem. The bad capacitor is expanded (blown up) and sometimes with burn marks. Pretty easy to tell. Here in Los Angeles, you can get an "advanced replacement" which pretty much means you pickup a power supply, swap it in, and take the broken one back to get repaired.

As for "cheap" -- paying more to someone else for a cheap power supply at a a higher price does not make the fix more professional. It's the same problem fixed the same way. There are multiple power supplies in a D-Command, keep a spare of each. It takes longer to get to and unmount the power supply than it does to swap a capacitor.
I don't need a solder gun when I have a budget. Expense it and be done. It wasn't cheap getting in this game or buying the console(s) we have. So having a plan when the MTBF is reached is just good business. BTW, I'm not changing the oil in my MB S65 either. Doesn't mean I can't just means I am willing and able to pay someone else to do it. I get it everyone can't do it and I am not suggesting everyone should. Which is why I said "I" beg to differ. I only represent me. Also swapping a PSU from "west" and soldering a capacitor are two totally different things. I work with impatient artists and don't have the luxury to tinker...but feel free.

Oh and BTW, all three of these PSU's can be purchased from Sager at under $95 each if you know what part to order.
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