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Default Re: New Software Release EuControl Version 18.3

Originally Posted by Marcel Risberg View Post
Out of curiosity, what does it really mean, "a Unified Installer"?

Anyway, I'm sorry .. I can't find the documentation for the control surfaces. They used to be included in the DMG package. Maybe I'm missing some info about where they moved. In any case, in MyAvid account I can only find these three documents related to the 2018.3 release:
  • EUCON_Application_Setup_Guide_v18_3_102015.pdf
  • Pro_Tools_Control_Guide_102011.pdf
  • Whats_New_in_EuControl_18_3_102012.pdf
In the MyAvid account, you'll find the specific documentation for the control surfaces under the Control Surface entry. For instance, if you have an S3 there will be a registered entry for the hardware and in that one you'll find the three documents you mention above plus a document for the S3. Same for the Dock.

And on that note, Eddie, the Artist series still lives on the separate website. Is there any way to bring that over to the MyAvid website?
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