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Default Re: Remove "missing" video from session??

Originally Posted by Nirvana5253 View Post
View the clip bin by "select unused" then delete and remove from session and disk.
I am actually getting this behaviour too, same as Kirkbross.

The video file is not in the Clip Bin, and has been removed from the session (not hidden, the track was deleted from the session and the clip deleted from the Clip Bin)

I still get the error message on startup that 1 Video File is missing, and then a couple of minutes later the Task Manager popup saying that it can't be located.

Searching in the Workspace shows that there is no video file in the 'video files' folder.

I believe that this 'bug' is created when a new session is created using 'save as' and then the video file from the original session is deleted. The session retains some sort of link to the video file even though it's been removed from the session properly.
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