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Default Re: Drum replacement/trigger and samples

Sound Replacer has always been a separate license.

As far as free samplers, I believe the free UVI workstation lets you create your own patches. If you're looking for drums, BFD Eco is on sale right now for $29, but I don't think it has an AAX version yet.

There are quite a few sound replacement plug-ins. I recently shelled out for Drumagog 5 Pro, myself. All prices are member price at AudioDeluxe, unless otherwise noted:
  • Slate Trigger (EX version $67, Platinum version $109)
  • SPL DrumXchanger ($149)
  • Drumagog 5 (Platinum version $290, Pro version $219) (Basic version $89 at
  • use Pro Tools 10 and Massey DRT (demo works for free, $96 at gets you full version with more features), then you can use the DRT-generated MIDI files in PT10 or 11 to trigger any software instrument you like.
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