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Default Re: HEAT, NEVE 8048 Listening Challenge

Originally Posted by Dism View Post
I can hear the bass just fine... even at low levels.

What are you using for playback? Do you have any eq settings on?
Hey Dism, I do have a good set of monitors here. KRK V8 (old model) with a KRK S12 Sub. Everything calibrated. It's an old monitor setup I know but it works pretty nice. My pair of Barefoots is just ready, but not here yet! Looking foward to it!

Of course I can also hear the bass, but if I were mixing this song I would turn the bass up at least 3dBs... Am I crazy?

Anyway AVID, I don't want to mess this topic. I love Phoenix, I I do respect Dave a lot. I didn't try Heat yet cause I'm still on Leopard, and don't want to upgrade in the middle of projects. But I have the feeling it sounds great!

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