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Default Serious issues with 003R

Hi Digi users

I have a pc, XP pro based, with ASUS P4P800 deluxe mainboard (800MHz FSB), pentium 4@ 2.8G, 2.5 G Ram and texas Instruments chip @ the firewire controler. I have used Motu Traveler and RME Fireface with this pc and worked fine.

I got a 003R to make a review for my magazine and I have some anoying (very anoying) troubles.
From the time I installed it, windows have some problems very often. They crash very often, 003R can't be used with I-tunes or dvd players and when I use it with Live or Reason, I chenge the S/R and it shuts down my pc. Then the f@#$%^ing message: "System recovered from a serious error!"

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