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Default Re: Are Busses at the App or Session level?

Well everyone has their own technique, I guess.

I don't know how seasoned you are, but usually in this kind of a discussion I kindly suggest thinking about analog console. A good one back in the day had 8 mono groups and 8 mono sends. You had to be able to produce can mixes with the sends while you recorded, plus all the effects you wanted to use in your rough mix. After everything was recorded, naturally the can sends were freed to extra effects but basically that was it.

So, I suggest limiting yourself to that idea for a while and try what you can come up with it. Most often (if not every time) people who have never mixed with analog consoles have found out that this is a better starting point than creating a digital can-do-everything template.

After all, every buss means summing and the less summing you do the more open sound you will get.
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