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Default Re: Core Audio handling question for Avid:

Originally Posted by Bill@Avid View Post
Hi Nathaniel,

The Pro Tools | Quartet and Pro Tools | Duet are both multi-client core audio devices so Pro Tools will share them with other audio applications. I hope this answers your question.
Definitely can confirm this as Iīve been using the (silver) Quartet with PT11 for about 2 years successfully.
Have had Pro Tools 11 opened, Quartet as itīs audio engine and opened iTunes, Sony Soundforge for Mac,
Logic Pro X all at the same time and played back audio alternately from all the applications without any issues.
Quartet was set up as the audio engine in all opened applications.
Only IK Multimedia T-RackS stand alone could not be opened at that time for whatever reason, every other app
including PT 11 was working fine and playing back audio properly.

Cheers, VRW
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