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Default Re: RIN-M, Sound Credit, Session, Auddly

Well, I downloaded the very first version of RIN-M, and then stayed on with a subscription as it morphed into Sound Credit Publisher... I'm a big fan of what this is supposed to do, but I decided to opt-out of the subscription because it was more out of curiosity / passion that I wanted to get up to speed on this stuff.

My own synopsis of this particular time in the evolution of our industry is that everyone in the trenches is working way too hard just to exist, and it's unfair to download the creation and maintenance of Metadata onto the Recording and Mixing side of the industry. I get ProTools sessions from people all the time where they can't even be arsed to name the lead vocal track (Audio 1, Audio 2, etc...) I have VERY little faith in the fact that the average studio engineer is going to develop the discipline to enter detailed Metadata into a ProTools plugin on every session when the clients are desperately running the studio and engineer like a rented mule... I basically do it Nashville -style (I put each Musician's name in the track comments). When an album is finished, I usually end up having an hour-long over-the-phone verification session where I open every song and double check who played what, and what got used (or discarded).

MAYBE, the Mastering side can invest some time in this, but here's my proposition.

When a record is finally finished, only the Producer and the Label know what actually got used. Sometimes the Artist knows - if they're involved in the day-to-day aspects of a record or as a Producer / Co-Producer. But in my opinion, what the Recording Industry desperately needs is a piece of Desktop Application software that covers the needs of an independent label or single-Artist-Indy (the Majors have their own systems) that has a cloud-based connection to a database of Musicians, Engineers, Producers, and their ISNI numbers (when available), so that the person at the label can create and populate the form with proper and correct Metadata.

At the end, it would output a PDF Label Copy document that has all of the songs listed including the ISRC for the master recording, ISWC number for the copyright, the individual songwriters and their PRO ID numbers (and ISNI numbers where available), song splits, publishing administration information, and of course, detailed production information including Recording, Mixing, and Mastering engineers, Producers, Arrangers, Conductors (including their AFofM info for special payments), and of course all of the detailed musician credits.

I understand the frustration of studio personnel that get 'forgotten' in the process, but if there was an application like this that picked up from where the current concept leaves off, it's the only way this will work on any practical level. Until this is seamlessly integrated right up to the label person doing the Label Copy for distributors, it will be screwed up, guaranteed.

Album titles change, Artists change their name / band names often by the end of a project as well...

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