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Default RIN-M, Sound Credit, Session, Auddly

Anyone using any of these? Though I've been following the metadata issue, I missed the release of Soundways RIN-M plug-in in 2017. They've re-branded as Sound Credit (Publisher, and Tracker plug-in), and are included in Avid Account Loyalty Rewards, I've tried them both out. They appear to be the first to deploy the DDEX Recording Information Notification (RIN) standard into software... and it's very cool, but, unless I'm missing something, not ready for prime time... Been back and forth with their support, but I can't seem to get many of the features to work; any other users here?

And Session (formerly Auddly) demoed their forthcoming Creator Credits at DDEX Creator Credits Summit in November, which appears to integrate directly into Pro Tools... does anyone know when this will be released?

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