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Default Re: Conflict between ProTools and Cakewalk Sonar

Ok first: If I run Sonar in Admin mode, there is no issue. And I started the project right after booting.
But see what happened after updatin iLok app.
The iLok application needed an update. I will do that, but I have to reboot after uninstalling the old version.
After installing the current iLok app, and rebooting again, I tried to open the Cakewalk project as I usually did - not as admin. Cakewalk crashed, with the same Pro Tools CFnd.dll as cause for the crash.

The main thing in the screenshot I had already explained. After telling me that a severe error had occcurred that caused Cakewalk to shut down, the message is telling me where the mini dump file had been saved to.
The question in the end is, if the last status of the project should be saved.
OK I'll reboot now to have the new iLok app installed.

Now I will try again to run Cakewalk as admin, to see what will happen now.
Yes, I'll have to run it as admin, it seems.
Not I will cross-check what the Cakewalk people answer in their forum.
But thanks a lot, at least I can continue my project. Great!

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