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Default "Beta testers" needed (contact email added)

Hello, I am looking for a couple of knowledgeable Pro Tools engineers to "beta test" an audio educational tool for Pro Tools. This is a relatively quick and simple test. At this stage, the project requires your confidentiality, plus two mics and preamps through which you'll record a four bar pattern of bass drum, snare drum, hi-hat, miked bass amp, acoustic guitar (or miked electric), and a vocal - so you will need access to such acoustic sound sources or equivalents. The musical parts are simple enough that anybody could play and sing them. I have carried out such a test with the Cubase version of this audio educational tool and the process should take about 15 minutes. I am seeking PT engineers to verify that there are no issues with the Pro Tools version when it is operated on a system independent from the PT HD Omni system I am using. I am also seeking your feedback. If this is agreeable, this stage of the project pays $50 and you will get the 1.0 version of this innovative educational tool N/C. If you are interested, please contact me at: Thank you for your time, Steve
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