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Default Re: Current State of Exchange Program

The rumors you heard makes no sense.

They offered that trade up before, as you know. I just said it didn't make much sense for TDM owners at that time, but the fact that they offered it once indicates that they could make money off of it. And some TDM owners may in fact have done that trade in.

So if they did it before, they can do it again. I would question the credibility of your source who basically claims to know the future and that Avid will never again offer something that they already did offer.

And as far as transfer of ownership, it's very much doable. Avid has set up the transfer of ownership for that very purpose. For the trade up deal, all you need is the hardware, not any kind of software. The worst that could happen is that Avid doesn't let you do the trade up if they suspect you bought the Mbox 2 Pro just for that purpose, but honestly, I don't think that's usually an issue.

I suggested the Mbox 2 Pro because it would be the cheapest qualifying thing to buy used. The 002/003 would be more expensive.

So if they don't change the specials at the end of June, that may be a route to go with.

Keep in mind that with the new system, you will also get the HD11 software, so that offsets your costs somewhat (if you had to buy that separately).
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