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Default Re: PT 12.8.2 Virtual Instrument latency

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Thanks Dave

I've been through 3 UAD interfaces plus firewire -> thunderbolt so I suspect that journey and legacy of drivers hasn't helped my issue.

This is beginning to feel like a full reinstall!
Ugh! I feel your pain. To lessen the torture in the future, grab a big external drive and save drive images at several stages. I did the following:
image 1-just the OS installed and tweaked according to Avid's recommendations
image 2-after Pro Tools and all AVID software is installed
image 3-after drivers and 3rd party plugins
image 4-save this one after everything has been solid for 3-4 months.
This way, in the future, if something hoses your rig, restore from the relevant image(its waaaaay easier than starting from scratch again)
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