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Default Re: PT 12.8.2 Virtual Instrument latency

Hi Christopher

Thanks for replying - and you have given me hope...

VSTIs I have and want to use are:

Spectrasonics - Keyscape
Spectrasonics - Omnisphere
Vienna Instruments Pro
Plus the stock stuff...
Mini Grand
Vacum etc

I realise Keyscape and Omnisphere are pretty CPU heavy.
If I deselect delay compensation in the options menu I get no latency.. but the tracks of course goes out of synch on playback.

My UAD config is:
Limit DSP Load to: 100%
DSP Loadlock - TICKED
Extra Buffering TICKED
Release all UAD DSP resources on AU bypad NOT ticked
Force use of logic pros live mode on tracks containing UAD plugs: NOT ticked
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