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Default plugins/ instrument tracks lost sound?

So I'm sitting here composing, and in the middle of using my Play plugin, i suddenly lose playback sound. It registers a signal when I trigger it with my midi keyboard, but I hear nothing.
I tried other plugins as well... xpand, mini grand, structure... all doing the same thing.
The track is going to the right output and actualy playback on other audio tracks play fine. I just cant seem to hear anything when I'm using an "instrument" track plugin.

please help.

pt 11.3
mbox pro 3
windows 7
hp zbook 15
my specs:
Zbook G2
Intel processor core i7 vPro
Windows 7
ProTools 11.3.1
Scarlett Focusrite
+ Saving to External Harddrive

-Strawberry Jam Composer/Sound Design by day
-psychedelic-punk by night.
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