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Default Re: Pro Tools 10HD upgrades on ebay

Originally Posted by harrybarnes View Post
How can these upgrades from 7 and 8 be sold so cheaply on ebay? Are they genuine and how do the sellers get them? Anyone had experience of this good or bad.
The sellers get them through a relationship with Avid. I recently purchased an HD 8 to HD 10 upgrade for cheap on Ebay. Within hours the seller gave me a code with a link to Avid's site to download and authorize the software. Everything was authorized through Avid's website. All the Ebay seller did was take my money and arrange the sale with Avid. It was very easy and saved me a lot of money (over half off).

Be sure to ask the seller first how long it will take them to get you the license? I had one seller tell me 2 weeks and another said the same day. So, make sure you know how responsive they will be before you pay.
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