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Default Re: VIDEO ISSUE - Unable to link due to missing CODEC or unsupported file

Originally Posted by AlessandroSaini View Post
Greetings Avid community!

I purchased Pro Tools 12 with the intent of using it to host the video off of my main computer and have it slave to Cubase. The only thing giving me trouble is loading the video into PT on my slave system.

The problem is strange because I have Pro Tools installed on my main system, a mid-2010 Mac Pro, and I can load any video in with no problem (regardless of format). However, on my 2011 iMac, PT gives the message shown in the screen shot when I try to drag the video in.

I have done the following to troubleshoot so far with 0 success:

- uninstall and reinstall Pro Tools twice
- copy all the codecs from my Mac Pro to my iMac
- converted the video to Apple Pro Res 422 and 422 (proxy)
- moved the video files around to make them easier to locate for PT

Again, it is so strange, because there is 0 problems on the Mac Pro, it's literally only when I move over to the iMac that this happens. Two things seems certain, I am not missing any codecs and the files I'm using are supported. The fact that this all runs on one system is proof.

The only difference between the Mac Pro and iMac is that on my iMac I also installed the DX drivers, but when I read about what that is, it shouldn't be causing this problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I get the sense it's something silly. I've also included a shot of all the codecs on my iMac. Ironically, my Mac Pro actually has much fewer codecs than this, yet the problem is still only on the iMac. I am just moving my iLok from one computer to the other the run PT.

Also note, I do not have an audio interface on my iMac yet, just setting to Pro Tools Aggregate I/O for now, but I'm assuming that shouldn't matter from importing a video.

Thank you!
hi, system info .. MAc OS version for each computer .. etc .. some folks solved this by re-importing the video .. and does this happen in a Blank Session with just the Video track ??

you said you copied the codecs, did you try installing the codecs ?? there might be a hidden file that was missed with the copy procedure ..

here is one article related to this, looking for more - there have been several Threads regarding this floating around, just eed to find them .. and this article is for PT11 and higher .. even though the link just says PT11
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