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Default Re: Control 24 headphone cue mix help!!

I went through this a while back wanting to be able to have an independent control room mix so I could solo/ mute without throwing off the musician recording. I had lots of suggestions to go pre-fader, aux sends, etc, but I never had any success. The solo/mute buttons affect all feeds. Digi never responded to my customer service e-mail. I bought the C|24 from Sweetwater, whose technical department finally replied to me telling me that it wasn't doable. I was told that the C|24 does not function the same as an analog board.

...I wished I would have known that before I bought it.

but aside from that annoyance... not to mention all the other functions/switches that don't seem to do anything..... <sigh>

I be thrilled if someone figured out a way to do this
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