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Default Re: Control 24 headphone cue mix help!!

hi all

im in need of some help setting up a separate headphone mix on the control 24. not sure if im being a dummy or just doing something wrong.

i have patched out of the 192 (outputs 7+8) into AUX in on the control 24. and out of AUX out to the headphone amp. now i create in pro tools, as usual, sends on each channel for a separate headphone mix. (like sends A or B) and i set them prefader. so i can have a separate mix for the headphones and the control room. (and so the artist wont hear me mute something while we are tracking or something) then i create 2 master faders. one for the control room. and one for the headphone send. (1+2 for the control room, and 7+8 for the headphone send) . now this signal path usually works fine in other setups (like using an analog console or mackie hui...or even just straight outta pro tools to the headphone amp) but when i have it running into the control 24, i hear NOTHING when the "monitor to aux" switch is not pressed. and i hear the main mix when i press the monitor to aux switch. which i do not want cuase i dont want the artist to hear the main mix, but his own....

what am i doing wrong??

The aux in and the aux outputs are NOT associated, they are independant stereo in to monitor section and stereo out from monitor sectiion!

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