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Default Protools Mixer

I have a question for those that really know Protools well. If you can help me out with this that'd be great. I'll put all of the questions in italics and number them. For the sake of these questions we are talking about the Mix systems and the non-dithering mixer.

If I use 32 voices or less in Protools only one DSP chip gets used to do all of the summing for the Protools mixer.

If I use more than 32 voices (and up to 64) in Protools then I have to go under the "playback engine" settings and select that two DSP chips get used for the Protools mixer. The questions here are all about how this works.

I am assuming that each DSP chip sums it's portion of the mixer and then they get summed together on one of the two chips. 1.Is this correct? 2.Does this mean that each DSP chip is only capable of summing 32 tracks?

OK, now let's discuss what happens if I'm set on "2 DSP's, 64 voice". 3.Does any form of truncating happen there if I only use less than 32 voices? 4.What would happen if I created a 4 track mix and assigned the voices to be 1, 2, 3, 4; would this mix the tracks differently than if I assigned them to voices 1, 2, 40, 41? It certainly looks possible that the different voices would get summed on different DSP's, truncated to 24 bits, and then summed together if I did it this latter way, which would be a different result than if the 4 tracks were simply summed and truncated at once.

OK, now let's discuss aux busses and how they might change this paradigm. 5.If I have my mixer set on 1 DSP (32 voice) and I have more than 32 total channels, including aux busses, how does this mixer handle this? 6.What would happen if I just created a mixer with 80 aux tracks and no audio tracks, how would the mixing get done on the DSP's? 7.Does having auxes on your mix change the number of DSP's that get used for the mixer? This goes back to the first questions, namely does the summing happen if multiple DSP's are used for a session?

Most of what I do is classical music using 12 tracks or less, so I haven't gotten much into the large format mixer templates that can get set up. If someone would explain these things to me I'd be most appreciative.

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