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Default Re: ProTools price adjustments from July 1st.

When they moved to the subscription updates as opposed to paid major version upgrades, I was not happy, but I went along with it. I thought $99/yr was a lot to ask to maybe get updates that maybe are useful to you. I was more than happy to choose my major version updates for a few hundred dollars. I stayed on PT 9 for years, and I only did that upgrade because my Digi 001 interface died.

But $199/yr is too much! I had everything I needed in PTLE 5.1! Sure, it was nice to get 3rd party interface support in v9, and track freeze and clip gain (I forget what version those arrived in) are great features that I was happy to pay for. But 2019.5 offered my absolutely nothing new! Nothing! $99 down the drain!

Based upon Avid's track record of taking money while providing nothing in return, I think I'm done here. I'm tempted to extend my perpetual support for another year before July 1 (Ooh, half price! What a bargain! NOT). But then again, I will feel really stupid if I give Avid another dime!
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