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Default Re: Slow to save on PC internal drive

Originally Posted by kathpollard View Post
First time working on a PC and itís taking 20s to save to a session/backup to the internal drive.

Drive is almost empty, 907 GB free, NTFS.

Any ideas as to why?

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System info would be a help - this isn't the system in your profile is it?
Further the drive in question - is that the system drive? If so this is where system info is mandatory. If it's an ssd there should be no problem using it for both the system and PT. If it's a spinner (especially if it's a 5400 rpm drive) no wonder you're having issues.

If whomever owns this system is using the system drive for session storage and it's a spinner you should get with them and tell them that's a huge problem with performance issues. They need to re-think how they're working.
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