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Default RADAR ADA II & HDX Integration Questions

Hi, Iím trying to figure out how to get my AES lines into my new HDX rig. Details follow. I will try to detail the configuration and a little background too. In advance, any help or insight is appreciated.

Iíve been running PT Vanilla for years with a Radar 24/Studio connected to a pair of Lynx Aurora AES16e PCIe cards. It is a workable solution but itís a hack, latency with Native systems is always a challenge and Iím just sick of it. I plan on taking the Radar Studio Iíve been on out of the picture and use it for remote gigs exclusively.

Iíve invested in an HDX card for my cheesgrater MacPro and a pair of RADAR ADA II units giving me 48 Analog I/O (AD & DA). With one Radar HDX MADI card (basically an SSL DeltaLink brain) in just one of the ADA IIs, I should be able to setup all 48 channels of I/O utilizing both DigiLink ports and some MADI cables.

Topology for single HDX card in MacPro (sorry, this is verbose and very descriptive):

DigiLink Port 1 - HDX Ch 1-32: MacPro->HDX Card-> DigiLink Cable 1 - ADA II HDX card in ADA II #1 (port a) -> MADI to ADA II #1 (gives me access to RADAR ADA #1ís 24 channels on HDX 1-24 leaving HDX 25-32 open and unused)

DigiLink Port 2 - HDX Ch 33-64: MacPro-> HDX Card -> DigiLink Cable 2 -> ADA II HDX card in ADA II #1 (port b) -> MADI to ADA II #2 (gives me access to RADAR ADA #2ís 24 channels on HDX 33-57 leaving HDX 58-64 open and unused)

All fine and good, but I still need to integrate my 16 channels of AES digital into that setup. I have HDX 25-32 open on Port 1 and HDX 58-64 open on Port 2. Is there a way I can split MADI somehow and utilize an AES interface to plug in my AES to those unused channels.....

Or must I bite the bullet and get another HDX card and an Avid I/O with two AES 8ch cards in the back?

Thanks for reading and any thoughts or suggestions.
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