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Default Re: Would either of these be ok for a record/playback session drive

It is well past the time that Avid should be fixing this crazy blanket advice of using a dedicated audio drive. It makes *no* sense with modern PCIe SSDs, and when you add disk cache on top of that... less than no sense. And it’s just painful to see people buying slower SATA SSDs or HDDs because they thing they are making say their MBPa better Pro Tools box.... when they are almost certainly making it worse. At least we do have some affordable options now for PCIe/NVme Thunderbolt 3 drives that will approach the speed of the internal drive.... but unless you need the extra space just save the money. We might all be using Optane SSDs before Avid wakes up...

Lots of reliability advantages to be had from having no external drives connected to a laptop, nothing to accidentally unplug or drop on the floor etc. (but still I have multiple bootable T5s in my case that contain things like boot images I can clone to the internal drive, software installers, those fast’ish but affordable external SATA SSDs are handy for all that).
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