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Default PT does not follow S3 Banking when in VCA Master Mode

Hello Kyle,

Had a quick question for you... Is it possible next Eucon go around to make it so when in VCA master mode, our Pro Tools Mix or Edit window will follow our banking?

Currently, when you get into VCA master mode and double hit select of a VCA to spill out all slaved audio tracks, the PT mix or edit window just shoots straight back up to the top of your edit window or the start of your mix window, hence ceasing to mirror your current track spillage on the S3 surface.

I like being able to bank around using the S3 with the PT mix/edit windows following my adjustments on the surface... however then when spilling tracks from a VCA onto the surface, that nicety is completely lost.

Is there a way to address this in a future Eucon release? Does what I say make sense?

Thanks for the Eucon 3.4 update! Lots of great fixes and additions!
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