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Default Re: who uses picture monitor for plugins etc?

Originally Posted by geitz View Post
Frank and Brandon - is there benefit to having your video playback device (decklink, etc) genlocked if all you do is play video out of it? If one was capturing video through it I could see the need, but looking ahead to purchasing a thunderbolt-based video peripheral I'm wondering if I actually need one that resolves to house sync (like a blackmagic ultrastudio express) or if I can go with a cheaper option that doesn't have a sync input (like a blackmagic intensity extreme.) Thanks for filling in my blanks.

(FWIW We currently use blackmagic decklink extreme cards for PT video playback and do have them resolved to house sync.)


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Yes. If you don't have your video locked to house sync, video will drift. Pt also doesn't start qt at the exact frame edge, si you can be as much as a frame out from the start of playnback and drift out further from there. I don't think it's a Hugh deal but I always like to be 100 confident of sync, so I gen lock everything.
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