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Default Melodyne algorithm unhappiness thread

I have Melodyne Studio 3 and have used it on my whole album, but I'm realizing that what you get in "ease of use" you pay for in tweaked sound... or maybe I just haven't figured out how to import, manipulate and export audio correctly. I've taken a lesson from a pro and have done literally hundreds of hours of Melodyne work now... and would consider myself an advanced intermediate for speed and style at this point... so... I think I'm just not digging the sound. Period.

Example: a lot of the time, portamento glides between notes already sound weird (artificial & forced) right after import... before you even make any changes. i.e. simply import a vocal and immediately export it without doing anything and it sounds like it's been messed with. I'm of the mind that if you don't alter anything, it should sound identical to the unprocessed track.

I understand that this is an algorithm thing and that Melodyne has a "sound" more so than AutoTune, but is everyone just lying when they say, "All the records sound like this now! It's cool!" I'm kind of disturbed by this 'head-in-the-sand' sentiment.

That said, the interface is amazing and I can splice and dice a vocal like there's no tomorrow, but for subtle pitch correction, I think I'm going back to AutoTune and saving Melodyne for when I'm tuning the next Britney Spears record.
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