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one more question , is the 6031 and pops and clicks problem related
Yes - I think Paul answered that with this:

8.0.1 has better detection of this situation, which can in some cases lead to noise during playback or recording (8.0.1 throws a 6031 error in that situation instead of tolerating it and risking the noise).
Were you getting pops/clicks in previous versions? If so, 8.0.1 is going to throw a 6031 error instead of risking any pops or clicks. The fault, though, lies in the configuration of the PC - some driver is interrupting Pro Tools. The solution is to find which driver is causing it and disable/update it so that it won't cause the interrupts. IRQ sharing may be at fault as well - but that's a tricky one to solve, usually only done by reinstalling Windows from scratch so that it can reassign IRQ's. There's a way to do it manually, but I would look at driver interrupts first.

Did you do all the other suggestions I gave in one of the other threads you posted in? Using msconfig to disable startup items and services? Are all hardware drivers for any graphics or other cards updated to the latest versions? Have you disabled all extraneous hardware and wireless devices such as sound cards, network cards, bluetooth, etc?
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