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Default Can\'t get PT5LE to launch on G3/400

I've got PT 5.0LE and AM3 card in a b/w G3/400 with 256MB RAM, OS 8.6, ATA stock drive, 9.1 GB Seagate from list on an Adaptec 2940UW v4.1 with control panel v5.1 set to Auto termination and Fast-SCSI:10.

I followed directions to the letter...used Mac OS 8.6 Base extension set plus Power Domain Control panel. Disk Cache to 512K. No virtual memory or RAM Doubler. No RAM Disk. Bumped PT to 96MB RAM. Everything apparently installed fine.

I double-click ProTools and my ATA drive churns for a minute and then the screen stays in that "in-between stage" where the Finder momentarily disappears while an app starts up. Well, nothing happens right away and nothing happens after 5 minutes and after a run to the bank.

Am I missing some trick to getting this to work? Thanks in advance.
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