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Originally Posted by LightWing View Post
So I did as you sig mentioned and viewed your system profile. Looks like only your Boot/System/Apps drive is SSD at 1TB in a pci slot and 2@2TB + 2 @4TB drives in an external enclosure via FireWire and those are "slow spinners".

Seems you're a perfect candidate profile for the BASE new Mac Pro with the added cost of another 16GB RAM and also understand THEIR SSDs are PROPRIETARY. You could of course use your current Boot SSD "slot card" assuming Catalina or the manufacturer provides you with the appropriate drivers.

Finally, where do you, other Mac Pro 5.1 and some Mac Mini users go since Catalina is dropping support for those systems?
I only run spinners until I can afford ssd's big enough as I don't want to split sample libraries up. The two 4TB drives are internals and the two 2TB drives are my backups in an external enclosure. All 7200 rpm drives. You've looked at my profile and you'll see I don't have a machine with earthshaking power like the new Mac Pro.

Who says you need to run the latest OSX anyways? Remember that those who live on the bleeding edge are doomed to get cut by it. Change out your video card to a Metal compatible one and run Mojave.
See profile for system details
iMac dead & retired as of 11/4/17

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