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Default New Behringer Motor49 Midi Controller Keyboard issue

Hi all,

I have bought myself a Behringer Motor49 Midi Controller Keyboard with Motorized faders, but cannot get it to communicate at all with Pro Tools 11.

I found a useful video on Youtube by Paul Frields ( )

Seems to offer great advice for connecting to Pro Tools, but have even tried everything he says, and Still cannot get it working. It just keeps saying

"Pro Tools is unable to communicate with M-Audio Keyboard. Power-Cycle M-Audio Keyboard and check its connections, note if M-Audio keyboard is not in use, update the peripherals dialog to prevent further warnings."

Please can someone out there offer me some advice to get this superb looking Keyboard talking to my Pro Tools setup.

Thanks in a advance to anyone that can help.

Best regards
Rob Engvikson
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