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Default Re: Sticky Faders, GUI Lag when moving faders

Originally Posted by OliverH View Post
ya big bummer that seems to keep unfolding as we use 12.4 more. I don't want to revert to 11.3 either! Unfortunately Quartz Debug doesn't run on anything older than Yosemite or I might give it a shot. But i also don't want to rely on it. I've read in other threads that Avid are aware of this issue and are recommending that people run on 10.9.5 if possible... but it's still an issue for me on that OS so not trying to update OS to potentially create even more problems until there's a more clear solution.
Actually, Quartz Debug does work on Mavericks 10.9.5. That's where I used it completely with 11.3.2, as I felt no reason to update to yosemite at the time. Now that I have 12.4 though, I decided to give it a try thinking that Avid designed 12 around yosemite, but it unfortunately hasn't helped matters, and as I said, made things worse in regards to beat detective.

The strange thing though, is that I use an external monitor with my Macbook, and the problem doesn't persist on my external monitor. Only on the retina screen. Super weird.
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