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Default Re: Sticky Faders, GUI Lag when moving faders

Originally Posted by khoop2112 View Post
I'm having same problems on 10.9.5 with a really fast GTX780 graphic card. Didn't have graphic issue with PT 11.
Same issue here. Running 12.4 on Mavericks 10.95 on a nMP/'trahscan' with 32GB ram and what I understand to be pretty darn amazing dual graphics cards.

When running PT 11.3.1 on the same exact setup I had no issues. Been going back and forth with Avid support trying some troubleshoots which so far are basically swapping out connectors and the order of what's plugged into what ports on my machine for my monitors and HD Native connections.

I should add that I am running a dual monitor setup, and noticed that when I disconnected one monitor (specifically the one that was connected directly to HDMI on my mac) the performance of smooth fader movements was restored when all was running on only one monitor, but again this wasn't an issue w/ PT 11.3.1.
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