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Default Re: The future of surround sound? Auro 3D

Garnoil (George),
I do not know where you thought it was asked for you to "move to the US"?
No one is asking you to move to the US, or even change cities or becoming a US citizen. This "Auro-3D " technology has been implemented in studios all over the world. It was invented in Belgium, used in the US, India, Belgium, China, Korea, Mexico, Germany, Russia and on and on.
I am only asking that you are more open-minded. I am not asking you for how many movies you mixed or how much you grossed in profits last year. I am making you and others aware of a groundbreaking, ear-opening opportunity for those of us who mix sound for a living. It is a process that doesn't charge a license fees. It is a process that is used from Theatrical, Home Video and even Mobile phone applications along with Video games. If you chose to ignore the possibilities then fine. But to dismiss it and not have all the facts well then..
Reviewing your posts above and listing to your comments it is obvious that it doesn't fit into your business model. That is fine. Please for the hope that others may benefit from the awareness and educating them more about "Auro" and "Immersive Sound” in general, please let the discussion continue without interjecting anything further as it personally pertains to you and your situation.
I appreciate your comments above for others who may be in your position, but many others may not share your feelings and may be interested in continuing the discussion while seeing the potential of how "Auro" and even "Atmos" may be used within their workflow. For example there is a guy I know who is building an "Atmos" mix room at his house to do "Movie Trailers" and "Game Audio". I have been assisting him with advice I have gained though my own experience in the hopes that he provides more content out into the marketplace. His studio is slightly larger than your own by the way.
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