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Default Re: Hard drive setup

Originally Posted by abre View Post
What is the best way to setup my hard drives? I have a USB 7200 RPM drive with Komplete sample libraries. Two WD Caviar 500 gb HD, one as the system drive and the other as the recording drive. I have ordered a one TB 7200 seagate HD. Should that be the sample library drive?
I'm confused - do you have 3 drives or 4? As I understand the 2 WD drives are internals right? That USB drive with the Komplete sample libraries - is that the one that comes from NI or what? If it is you don't want to use that as your drive for anything other than to install from it to whatever drives you want to use for your samples, etc. The Seagate you ordered - internal drive? If so yes you can use that as your samples drive provided it's not a 'green' drive that powers down or varies drive speed. 3 drives are good to have in a PT system - system drive, one for PT to record to, and a third for samples. I actually have three 2 terabyte drives - one each for system, PT recording and samples.
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