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Interesting replies. Yes the ecosystem is the attractive thing. I have a slate Raven (which works best with PT IMO) and would look to get an HDX system in the near future. Having the extra processing power is attractive to me.

One of the main things i like about pro tools is - automation features. this is really where it is at for me. That and audio editing, two things that pro tools does better than pretty much anything.
However, if i want those automation features, i absolutely have to get pro tools ultimate. So its quite a commitment straight away.
If i could use vanilla for a while, see if i can get into a flow with it and then upgrade i would feel a little easier about it.

One of my main concerns at the moment is latency and PDC. I have had so many issues with channels going out fo time when i change oversampling settings, bounces/commit printing out of time.
Running parallel comps that have oversampling/lookahead has been problematic. I feel if all of these things were non issues, i would just pull the plug regardless.

You know, i think this is probably what is taking all the time with folder tracks. They may have had difficulties with PDC. Pure speculation of course.

Really appreciate the advice anyway guys. I was a hardcore PT addict for 15 years, it still feels like home.

I agree with the comments that each DAW has strengths, you will never find one to do everything. Reaper comes close to that but the truth is, the pro tools workflow/organisation/efficiency of tools is hard to beat.
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