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Originally Posted by DorianBloom View Post
I find this kind of post worrying. Does anyone here think this is a good time to get into HD? For someone who has spent time away from PT.
The prices have been jacked up and there are all these complaints about updates etc.
Is this a bad time to start to build an HD rig. I just wprry about the future.
A company that puts prices up that much and doesn't deliver sounds like a company in trouble no? Hope i am wrong.
The most appealing thing about pro tools to me is that you can make a session in pro tools....then in 20 years, you can re open that session in pro tools. That is a huge part of the appeal
If you need HDX systems, beyond the software, yes. Dedicated controllers, HDX, the entire Avid ecosystem is difficult to replace. But if not, the Steinberg or Presonus alternative (I'm not able to work with the Studio One GUI for me), as many studios do, is valid. I work with a Prismsound interface (atlas) and Cubase, often, and I can go up to 192 khz, 64 bit floats (I'm talking about files, because the processing is always at 64 bit). Plus, when I mix with a good buffer (2048), I can do what I want without DSP, especially with my two UAD cards. There are a hundred ways to work well without the super Avid contract. Depends on what you need. If you identify them here, you'll have some advice. There are a lot of very good connoisseurs.
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