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Default Re: Seems like PT is slowing down...

Any possibility of a MIDI loop? This can really bog down a serial port and make everything seem like molasses in January.

As a test, unplug all your MIDI cables. Also, for testing purposes, unplug all other connections to other serial devices, ethernet, etc. Turn AppleTalk *off*.

Do you have enough memory allotted to ProTools and DAE?

In the system memory control panel, do you have the Disk Cache set too small? This can also bog things way down. It should be set to 512k for PT. If this got goofed up somehow, I'd trash the Memory Pref file, and re-set everything after re-booting.

Setting your monitor to 256 colors will also speed re-draw up.

Have you checked for a virus?

For good measure, run Digitest to make sure you don't have a card problem. Reseating all the cards, and using a stabilant like Caig Pro Gold on all edge connectors is also never a bad idea.

Trash DigiSetUp and DAE preferences.

Make sure you have up-to-date versions of all your plug-in software, especially WaveShell, if you're running it.

Lee Blaske
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