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Default Seems like PT is slowing down...

This may sound wierd, but it seems as though my system is getting slower for no real reason. I have a Beige G3, PT Mix Plus, and here's what it's doing. It take like twice as long to load PT when I open it. it takes twice to three times as long to open a session, and It reallocates DSP like, forever. Sometimes a session will open and tell me it didn't have enough DSP to create a plug or a buss. Then I close it a re-open it, and it open fine.

I have not loaded anything at all on the Mac, and my sessions are no larger than they've ever been, my drives all still have at leat 1.5 gigs open.

I can't figure it out. I ran Nortons optimizer. No change.

Oh yea, almost forgot. Also my waveforms are not visably running where I'm hearing, and When I hit save I get the hand thing, and it takes like 10 seconds to save. I mad the playback buffer smaller, no change, bigger and it was worse. So it's at 2 again.

Any thoughts?

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