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Default Re: Pro Tools in VM?

Originally Posted by Darryl Ramm View Post
Here we go again. A real-time DAW like Pro Tools has near zero chance of being usable in a VM. Including the Windows XP compatibility VM. Get a windows install disk and do a clean install of whatever old Windows OS you need on a new disk partition or new hard drive and dual-boot between OSes as needed. Alternately sort out what technical issues you are having with Pro Tools, it could be as simple as plugin compatibility.

And even if somebody can start up a session in a VM they probably cannot run much load, stop wasting your time and do this properly.

And in this case the device your driver is trying to talk to is not virtualized in the VM so it will not work, just as expected.
I'm not wasting my time. Didn't you read the thread? Someone has it working. That's the person I'm asking. Install went perfect. You mean my audio interface? It's very much working. Everything works. The problem is that vm seems to be using one core out of 4 so starting PT over loads the cpu and quits.

My old computer with the PT7.3.1.cs6 intalled works perfect but I'm relocating over seas and already taking an 8lb computer, 1 heavy and 2 more HD's. I don't want to drag along the weight and I don't haver a budget of$500-1000 for a lightweight computer to be able to run xp.
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