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Default Re: Sound quality of mixing in Protools vs others..Discuss

Originally Posted by Gentoo View Post
I have ProTools specifically for mixing and lately, mastering. All of my composing and creation is done in Cubase. However, I personally like the sound from ProTools a little better for mixing. I can't quite put my finger on what it is overall. However, the stock plugins in PT I also prefer. My mixes have a more polished sound out of PT.
It might be anything from accuracy of latency compensation, accuracy of automation, but this old thread most probably was all about different mixing engines, a.k.a. "48bit fixed-point vs. 32bit (now 64bit) floating-point war".

Long story short, TDM mixer sounds very nasty instantly if you go over, which means better gain staging by default. Going over on floating-point is more subtle and starts smearing the sound a lot later but it builds up (which is why some plugins emulate fixed-point distortion to prevent bad gain staging)
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