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Default Re: sample rate of 44.1HX not supported

Daryl Ramm posted this in another thread. I have a feeling it will help with your problem, too. I'm too lazy to type so I'll just paste his reply.

Welcome to DUC.

So nothing is outputting sound? First get a basic audio track to work then get more complicated with VIs etc., so to start...

Did you install the latest (Windows 10 compatible) Windows device driver for the Audio-Box?

When Pro Tools starts up hold down the 'N' key on your keyboard and keep it held down until the Pro Tools playback engine dialog box finally appears, then select the audio-box as the playback engine. If it is not listed in that pulldown tell us what is. Do not assume this is being selected correctly if you do not do this, always at least check in Setup>Playback Engine

Now create an empty Pro Tools session, not from a template.

In that Session create a new stereo *audio* track and then drag and drop any known good MP3 or similar audio file from your desktop onto that track in Pro Tools.

Press play. Do you hear that out the monitors? Does the audio track meter move in Pro Tools? Make sure the mixer knob on the interface is turned all the way to playback and the main volume is turned up. Also try headphones connected to that interface and turn their volume up.

If that does not work, posting screenshots of the Pro Tools mix window showing IO assignments, the playback engine dialog panel and Setup>IO>Output and Setup>IO>Bus would likely help.

If you don't understand anything mentioned here, try first googling for info on that and then ask, folks here are happy to explain stuff if you need it.

Also if you are totally new it is usually much better to get started by following some tutorials than trying to work stuff out yourself. YouTube has lot of great tutorials on getting started with Pro Tools, and especially on working with VIs (for after you get the immediate problem sorted out) etc. It's just too complex a product to try to grope your way through, so I definitely encourage you to go back to YouTube and try again there.
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