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Default Re: Undipped music stem

Originally Posted by dalonso66 View Post
I'm trying to figure out a way to accommodate Discovery's Undipped Stems. I usually have an aux set up as a DME dipper to dip under narration. Discovery wants undipped music and undipped fx as if dialog or narration weren't present. Do you guys do all of your dipping of music and effects exclusively on Aux Tracks then take a pre fader send to an undipped bus? Of course if these 2 stems don't need to retain a relative balance to the full mix (i.e flattened for promo purposes) then it won't be hard. I'm currently awaiting some clarification from Discovery.

We are currently having this discussion at work, with regard to the extra time required to mix a flat music/fx then dip that under dial, then make sure that the integrity of that mix is kept when making changes and tweaks further down the line (or if the mix is under time constraints, mix as normal and run through and 'undip' after final client review). I know it depends a lot on the individual project, but has there been any thought to how much extra work this is and whether it is justifiable to make the client aware and pass on the cost?

The way I see it, to be of any use to facilities that inherit these stems for reversioning, the stems have to be 'mixed' and not just flat prefader level, otherwise fx/atmos etc won't be at appropriate relative levels and music crossovers wont work. So it can't be just an automatic process, there has to be thought and attention paid to it.
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