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Default Re: Codec error on video import

Originally Posted by Syrcular View Post
Hi all,

RE: "Installing Video Engine". This Pro Tools 11 install was just a drag and drop according to install instructions so I literally dragged the Pro Tools icon from the install image to applications. So I didn't see any install video engine option.
However, I did enable the video engine, but anything I try and import comes back as incompatable. This is the trial version I downloaded, but to my understanding it's a fully functioning version for 30 days according to Avid.

Is there anything in the import process I'm missing?
Yes - drag Pro Tools into the applications folder. Not sure if this is the missing step but there were a few extra folders, one of which contained an installer for video codecs (which I ran). When I tested (by dragging a video file into the edit window), I was prompted to enable the video engine (which was 'off' - nice touch!)
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