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Question Does Pro Tools SE work as a rewire host?

I have an issue with Pro Tools SE using Vocal Studio Producer USB microphone Using Reason rewire.

Seeing that Pro Tools SE is a limited addition I'm not sure whether I can record through rewire with it? And Avid gives no support on the product. Also apart from the manual stating that you can "Show Rewire Clients" there is no information on the topic, not in forums or google anywhere.

This is what I'm doing

I arm an instrument track with the rewire Reason plug in. Reason opens...

In the Pro Tools SE rewire instrument plug-in interface I make sure that reason is selected and that the instrument I want to record is routed correctly through the reason hardware interface.

In the Pro tools SE rewire plug-in interface that particular instrument is selected (eg NN-XT1). Until there no problem the instrument has audio output I hear it perfectly you can see the volume meter lighting up on the master track and instrument track.

I've also looked at the reason sequencer interface where Pro Tools SE automatically sets the reason sequencer L/R that are shown together I don't touch the reason sequencer.

I hear everything perfectly arm the recording start recording but the instrument track does not record any notes.

Is this a Pro Tools SE limitation?

Thanks for your help...
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