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Default Re: FCP to PT, reconform of cantar files?

I haven't experimented with the Automatic Duck route from FCP yet. It might work if you can get a referenced OMF/AAF going. It would be an interesting test.

On the last film project I did, picture was edited on a Lightworks. The referenced OMFs were a problem on the Lightworks side and embedded OMFs had the same problem as ever in PT: the TC of the clips couldn't be read and they all ended up at TC 00:00:00:00.
As a test I also loaded the embedded Lightworks OMFs in an Avid Media Composer and the MC could read the clip TCs.
I always thought that the limitation of embedded OMFs were in the embedded format, but from that last test I would think that the limitation is on the ProTools side (which would be a shame, as PT10 now has a decent implementation for field recorder workflows). I never had time to really dig in deep, but someone from Avid might shine some light on this.


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