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Originally Posted by TCM View Post
Would my BLA 002R work with PT9 HD, if I bought a HD native card with PT9?

(No money for interface yet)
No, not in the sense that you get the mix/monitoring or low latentcy hardware features of the Native interface and Native offers no TDM processing anyhow so you don't get that either. Pro Tools 9 will see a HD Native with no interface and not work or will see your 002 just like it does now but since you will have the CPTK features based on the HD iLok Licence you will get to use the software features of CPTK (with no need to plug in the Native PCIe card, which seems a waste). If you want those a much cheaper way would be to purchase a Pro Tools 9 HD licence used - see the for sale forum here.

What features, capacity or oerformance are you actually trying to change/improve?

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