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Default Re: Normalizing vs Compression or Limiting

Maybe I have not understood here but you said "If you look at normalizing as the process of making your loudest peak, your loudest possible peak".

The loudest peak will always be the loudest peak and for that reason normailizing on that basis isnt really necersary, no?Or maybe I am not understanding?

I have used the RMS aspect of normailzing in PT and found it to kill the sound even more than in peak mode.

But the RMS version of normalizing in a Dolby system must have a better algorythm and thats why it sounds better as I hear it in the other room now and it seems much better compared to a PT system??? (and I've played around with it in PT - then just though screw it, compress instead).

Normalizing just seems lazy????????????????Just compress instead???

Who uses normalizing without fear of utter distortion or horrid artefacts in PT and forgetting about other platforms - keep it PT centric???

Please help me on my journey of discovery.Baris
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